Hawle Treppenlifte

The company Hawle Treppenlifte (Stairlifts) is an independent member of the Hawle Group International, which has been operating on the market since 1967 with great success, Employing more than 500 members of staff. The development and production of high-quality Stair Lift available all over the world. These Stair Lifts are custom made and only installed by a Certified Trained Technician

Afflicted with a walking impairment caused by an illness our company's founder Mr Engelbert Hawle had, for quite a long time, been searching for a stairlift that would come up to his principal requirements regarding quality and price-performance ratio. This (finally) resulted in an in-house development, the Hawle stairlift.

Mr Engelbert Hawle passed away on 2 February 2008. We will always remember him, and we are willing to continue working according to his spirit (and principles).

Stairlift HW 10 model - to move about freely again, at last !

Stairlift HW 10, the individual solution for your curved or straight staircase

Stairlifts by HAWLE HW 10 model - for the curved stairway

  • Individual configurations for individual solutions
  • Space-saving parking even in exceedingly narrow spaces
  • The Hawle stairlift can equally well be installed in old and in new buildings
  • Adapt your Hawle lift to your personal environment, all the RAL-colors are possible
  • Appropriate application for using as external stairlift
  • Your Hawle stairlift is also suitable for steep stairs with a gradient of up to 75°
  • The stairlift HW10 is the optimal solution for your curved or straight staircase
  • Our well-considered design allows you to also mount safely outside of the stair flight

Hawle ActiveKey eliminates keyhole searching!

  • The Hawle ActiveKey replaces traditional key switches and automatically releases the lift when it comes within range.
  • To prevent unauthorized use, the lift locks automatically when the Hawle ActiveKey moves outside its range.
  • The Hawle ActiveKey is forgery-proof through 128 bit encryption.

Stairlift HW 10 model - innovative design and reliability